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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Now, I don’t go back as far as having the family huddled around the radio in the evening, but I do have memories of my father reading me a story before bedtime. The art of listening, either by a parent, or technology, has been around for ages and although it’s now in a different format, […]

Essential on Memorial Day

“Draw a sheep.” “I can’t draw a sheep.” “Here is mine. It’s a crate with 3 holes on the side. That way the sheep is whatever you image it to be.”  – The Little Prince. I first learned about The Little Prince when I was in high school. In French Class my teacher handed out a […]

What a Missing Sock Taught Me

We’ve all shared in this experience…a sock is missing. It truly has disappeared without a trace. There are no signs, no warnings, no simple suggestions. It is just gone. Recently one of my white, gym socks vanished, leaving behind a mate. The mate was identical, with just a few differences. Perhaps these subtle differences made […]


“I dwell in possibilities…” – Emily Dickinson   I thought I’d share some of my oil paintings this week. Spring invites creativity! Enjoy the possibilities!!  

It’s As Easy As

Finding balance comes in many forms. It can be physical, as well as emotional. Balance is what keeps us in check and enables us to face each day with strength and joy. Balance came to me in the form of a bicycle. I was eight years old and my father was stationed in Viet Nam […]

Fall with the Moon, Rise with the Sun

Living by the rise of the sun and  sleeping by the glow of the moon. That is a peace like no other. The place- Pineda de Mar, Spain     The time- July, 1979 As I glanced out the window at the rocky barren mountains yielding themselves to the lapping waves of the sea, my […]

Sleeping Soundly ZZZzzzz

My daughter was born an animal lover. She spent much of her day snuggling up to our kitten, Baby. Her little fingers would pull and tug at Baby’s feather-like fur. Baby was much too tolerant for his own good. I read her stories about cats, dogs, goats, pigs- whatever I could get my hands on. […]

Richness of Life

I’ve always been one of those people that looks up. I just naturally look at the sky. I marvel at the clouds and the palate of colors swirling above me. This is not always a good thing, especially when I’m driving. But recently, I noticed something majestic, hidden in plain sight. At one particularly busy […]

Part of So Much More

On a cool winter morning last week, as I was getting dressed for work, my grandmother’s locket presented itself from the dresser drawer where I keep it nestled in a small cardboard box. It’s a round silver locket, about the size of a quarter. My grandmother, Amy Dean Davis, had her initials elegantly engraved on […]

Split Ends

Getting my hair cut is a rare occasion. For someone with pin-straight hair, there aren’t too many options. It’s either long and straight or short and straight- not a lot going on. But, on the bright side, my hair is thick, of fine texture, and has kept its natural blonde color. The newly acquired strands […]

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