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A Little Delightful Mischief

If you’ve ever meandered through the sights and smells of a farmer’s market, you know half of the story. The other half is only discovered from the inside out. Being a vendor brings forth a remarkable vantage point, and a chance perhaps to bring forth a little inspiration. Ever since I experienced the unique taste […]


We are influenced by so many things- some subtle, and some not. Clouds wafting across a pinkish sky can calm us and bring our thoughts to a safe resting place. A song on the radio may bring a smile, as we fade back to another time in our lives. A news report may jog our […]

New Mindset

I am excited about the future! Old ways are no longer relevant, and what is now occurring is open to so many possibilities. According to Dawna Markova in Spirituality & Health Magazine, there is a shift in mindset from being marketshare to being  mindshare. In the marketshare model; people use power over others to win, […]


Who is a hero? We all are. Each one of us is trying our best, in unique circumstances. Our point of reference differs from all others, but deep inside, we are all the same. I recently heard of a new line of dolls that are modeled after women. The dolls are created by artist Wendy […]

Turning Your Muse into a Life Lesson

At any age it is difficult to find what makes your heart sing. You can experience it in fleeting moments, but often connecting these moments together so that you have clarity into what gives you the most joy, is difficult. According to author Whitney Johnson, there are four questions you should ask yourself: What skills […]

Blue Velvet

At 55 and Change, we promote taking risks, trying something new, and keeping up with the times. Difficult! Sometimes taking a risk is as simple as writing a story. So, here’s a little fiction story, just to pass the time! Blue Velvet   By Amy Swen   Click click, click click. The rhythmic tapping of our […]

Cat People

  My neighbor came to the door yesterday asking if I’d seen her cat. He had been missing for two days. I paused, because I knew what had happened and I needed to approach the subject delicately. In the last several months both of my outdoor cats had gone missing too and it was all […]

Politics and Poetry?

My earliest childhood memories center around the ocean. We lived in Jacksonville, on the naval base, and it was just a block from the beach. At four years old I marveled at the sounds, smells, and salt-water taste of this playful haven. Giant conch shells routinely beached themselves along the shoreline. As I put this […]

A Perfect Fit

Florida is known for its beaches and sunshiny days. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. After going on the third week in a row of rainy, dismal weather, I spontaneously bought myself a puzzle. The 1000 pieces presented a picture with a French feel to it; lots of different windows with various cats. It was […]

Mirror Mirror

Throughout history, mirrors have had an interesting appeal. As a looking glass, mirrors have been thought to possess magical powers. They have been known to tell who is the fairest in the land, and alas, who isn’t. I’ve often imagined what it would be like to live in a place where mirrors don’t exist. It […]

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