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Sweet Sweet Summertime

Time keeps on slipping into the future, as the song goes. Ain’t that the truth! Where once waiting for brownies to bake was an eternity, now happens in the blink of an eye. However, when I slowed down and became truly aware, summer”time” had a way of measuring time in its own definition. It began […]

Unexpected Guest

Awareness of small things can bring bigger understandings. I discovered this recently from an unexpected guest. Flying into Oregon from as far away as Florida, presents many differences. From palm trees to majestic pines, I prepared myself for intrigue. Yet, as I arrived with the excitement of my daughter’s wedding, I was greeted with something familiar- […]

Simple Pleasure Brings Mental Relaxation

Imagine your mind beginning to calm itself like melted ice cream dripping down the side of a summer ice cream cone. Sounds difficult? Not when crayons and colored pencils are involved. Yep- I’m talking about coloring. Adult coloring books have found a place on Amazon’s Best Seller List, and it’s no surprise to the inner […]

Relaxing Through a Contemplative Path

As I was browsing my new favorite magazine, Spirituality and Health, I came across a small ad in the last few pages. It could easily have gone unnoticed. I’m not sure what was even being advertised, but something kept tugging at me to circle around it like a cautious child. It was a picture of a […]


  She chooses her thoughts carefully, like a female cardinal selecting a nesting place. She wants to be sure- not just sure, but certain, that she is living a mindful life. Each breath is noticed; each movement of the hand, each scent and distant sound. No longer is she trapped in thoughts of the past, […]

Nested Meditation

I find it amazing how just a few words can convey such strong thoughts and emotions. Psychologist Kevin Anderson developed what he calls ‘nested meditation’. He created a strict format for having fun with words. It sounds like an oxymoron, but the process can be playful, or can help reframe a tough situation. The exercise […]

Important Stuff

The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown is a classic children’s story from the 1940s. It explains how a glass is important because it holds things. A shoe is important because you put your foot into it. It’s a whimsical story, but suggests a more serious topic. Ideas begin to drift in the air like […]

Achieving Fearlessness

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety”- Shakespeare. So much of our time is taken up by feeling fearful. Often we are uncertain, doubtful, and even desperate at times. Our fears can manifest in depression, eating disorders, drugs, and casual sex. Arianna Huffington describes how fear limits us to the point where […]

Truly Paying Attention

I wrote a sentence today. What do we do when we write about something? We pay attention to it. That’s what writing does- it helps us be mindful. We are suddenly aware. My great-grandmother’s sister kept a diary. She wrote in it every day. She was living fully and giving each moment the attention it […]

WW Walt Whitman Say

In Whitman’s poem I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer, he suggests that numbers and diagrams are nothing without a little magic mixed in. Instead of a lecture, he chooses to ‘wander off by himself in the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time, look up in perfect silence at the stars.’ I too feel that […]

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