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In My Own Backyard

During a recent session of online wandering I stumbled across a beautiful bit of history and so took a little break to revisit Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell. At my father’s urging, years ago I read the paperback version of this famous lecture, and revisiting it was just like the first time – […]

55 and Change looks at 60!

My birthday approaches and I’m experiencing a bit more than the usual annual  introspection. I blame it on our blog!  It seems we just dreamed up this 55 and Change idea but already “and change” applies to me! On the way from mid to late 50’s (What?!?) I’m feeling a bit protective of myself and […]

Firsts after Fifty-Five

By age 55 we have done a lot…for a loooong time! This is good. We’ve read and studied, married and raised kids, worked for decades, we know what we like and what we’re good at. ‘Stick-to-it-iveness’ runs strong through our generation. This characteristic is part of what makes great parents and spouses, successful entrepreneurs and […]

Answers to things that make you go “hhhhmmmmm”

I had a wonderful spa-day yesterday – facial, massage and more! I was more than relaxed…until check out and pay up time. I was there using a gift certificate from my darling husband  and really hadn’t thought about tipping so when I was asked, “would you like to add a tip”, I had to think […]

Growing Pains

I recently saw myself on video – painful!!! One of the best things about being in my 50’s, (and yes, there’s more than one good thing!) is that my old self-conscious ways are falling further and further behind me. I work hard to be myself and to spontaneously express thoughts and feelings, in personal and […]

The Pareto Principle in action

I’ve heard that perfection is the enemy of good – a quick Google search takes me to a wide array of thoughts on this topic. Confucius and other great philosophers warn against extremism and offer us the ‘golden mean’. More current thinkers from Pareto with his wonderful 80/20 rule, Watson-Watt and his cult of the […]

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