Best Day Ever

Maybe my title intrigued you. You may think I’m about to share a story about something great that happened recently. I’m not. Instead, I’m relating how our choice of words, our thoughts, our self speak determines how our life goes. Be positive is not just a blood type or a cliché. I reset my brain daily towards a positive bent even though my mind of origin has a tendency to veer towards a worried, sometimes negative state.

Of all places, I learned this life-changing practice in a business seminar twenty years ago. Because of that, each day I follow a three-step routine. First, upon awakening I revel in three things I’m grateful for – the sounds of birds chirping, my husband’s sense of humor, my relationship with my sisters, for instance. Gratitude can come in very small places. Maybe it’s the feel of flannel sheets, a comment a boss made, or the cup of coffee you’ll soon enjoy. Next, I close my eyes and run through a successful review in advance of my day ahead. I meet that deadline, run those errands, exercise and make dinner. Lastly, and my personal favorite, I say out loud to God, ( yes, sometimes I sing or shout it!) “Reveal to me what wonderful and delightful surprises You have in store for me today!”

So, that is my recipe for starting the best day ever. Like all good recipes, it’s one that was handed down to me. I hope you treasure this like you would the tattered index card of your grandmother’s secret sauce.



I dance like nobody's watching. I dream a lot, especially during the day. I love change, have a short attention span, and am on a continual quest to learn.

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