Cat People


My neighbor came to the door yesterday asking if I’d seen her cat. He had been missing for two days. I paused, because I knew what had happened and I needed to approach the subject delicately. In the last several months both of my outdoor cats had gone missing too and it was all at the hands of one of their own- a wild bobcat. I’d seen his shadowy figure cross the back stretch of my yard on occasion. I’d also witnessed his larger than housecat, yet smaller than a dog, body at the end of the street. The eeriest encounter was on a morning bike ride, when out of the fog he came walking down the center of the road. He was brave and confident.

So, I told her what I suspected. She was clearly upset, but not entirely surprised. We were of the few outdoor animal hold-outs. In most cities and now in the rural areas, cats are indoor pets. Due to wild animals, feral cats with diseases, poisonous plants, and other dangers, cats live the house-bound life and don’t know any better. They quietly roam the hallways entertaining themselves with dustballs, shadows, odd noises, and whatever they can find of interest. Sleeping on beds, closets, bookshelves, and an array of perches, they live a calm, safe life.

I love the feel of soft fur against my side while I’m in bed reading a book. The gentle purring is a comforting clock ticking along the minutes together. Ah- how nice to be in my safe little room, with a snack by my side, and a book in my hand…

The internet, television, iPhones, running water, refrigerators, air conditioning, heating, cars, clothes, food- all my needs are safely tucked inside my home. I have no need to venture out or communicate with others. I can have a solitary, safe existence.



My father used to use the term cat people. I later heard it mentioned on a James Bond movie and I imagine that’s where he heard it too. But, I think something is going on here, we are becoming Cat People and from my perspective, that’s not a good thing.

At 56 years old, it is welcoming to slow down and stop any risk taking ventures. It is easy to become a Cat Person and to live a life that is safe and uncomplicated. But that is not really living. Learning to do new things is how we stay current, healthy, and interesting.

So although for the safety of my pets they must stay inside, I vow to not be a Cat Person and to live each day to the fullest- how about you?



Amy enjoys using poetic language to capture the essence of the ordinary. Her work has been published in Word-Dancers: The Poets of Southwest Florida and Florida Weekly.

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