A Litter Bit

Today I offer an anecdotal theory : There is a direct relationship between an improved economy and an increase in litter.  The one constant in this unscientific experiment has been our property’s substantial road frontage. With 15 years of data to support this conclusion, here are some observations: certain brand smokers scrunch and toss their packages far more […]

Gaining a New VAN-tage point

At long last, the grieving period for my 15-year-old, 235,000-mile-strong red van is over. This August she died while attempting to haul our youngest son and the contents of his college house back to campus. That van’s final act of kindness may have been that I was not the driver on her last voyage. To […]

Friendship in Silver

At  first glance the silver bowl across the room attracts me and I want to touch it.  As I approach the bowl I see that it contains a collection of beautiful fall leaves, not at first visible to me.  Startled, I avoid the bowl for a while and slowly thoughts flutter down around me.  These […]

Thank You Always Welcome

  My husband has a post-career but preretirement job working as a monitor in the study halls, parking lot, cafeterias and hallways of a large high school with 3400 students. Everyday he packs his lunch and his smile. He loves this job, and it shows. In our 27 years of marriage, I’ve never seen him […]

In My Own Backyard

During a recent session of online wandering I stumbled across a beautiful bit of history and so took a little break to revisit Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell. At my father’s urging, years ago I read the paperback version of this famous lecture, and revisiting it was just like the first time – […]

Visibly Noticed

I wasn’t invisible this weekend. A first occurred. At a wedding last night, an attractive young member of the catering team stopped me as I was carrying out floral arrangements at the end of the evening. “We voted you best dressed at this event,” she said with a wide grin. I returned her a flashy […]

Drum Roll

I was climbing the stadium steps the other day to get in the cardio workout I try to endure a few times each week. The pushing 90 degree heat wearied both body and mind. It gave birth to a thought about how I used to be so fearless and reckless – hitch hiking in the […]

Sweet Sweet Summertime

Time keeps on slipping into the future, as the song goes. Ain’t that the truth! Where once waiting for brownies to bake was an eternity, now happens in the blink of an eye. However, when I slowed down and became truly aware, summer”time” had a way of measuring time in its own definition. It began […]

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