Visibly Noticed

I wasn’t invisible this weekend. A first occurred. At a wedding last night, an attractive young member of the catering team stopped me as I was carrying out floral arrangements at the end of the evening. “We voted you best dressed at this event,” she said with a wide grin. I returned her a flashy […]

Drum Roll

I was climbing the stadium steps the other day to get in the cardio workout I try to endure a few times each week. The pushing 90 degree heat wearied both body and mind. It gave birth to a thought about how I used to be so fearless and reckless – hitch hiking in the […]

Sweet Sweet Summertime

Time keeps on slipping into the future, as the song goes. Ain’t that the truth! Where once waiting for brownies to bake was an eternity, now happens in the blink of an eye. However, when I slowed down and became truly aware, summer”time” had a way of measuring time in its own definition. It began […]

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