self awareness

A Litter Bit

Today I offer an anecdotal theory : There is a direct relationship between an improved economy and an increase in litter.  The one constant in this unscientific experiment has been our property’s substantial road frontage. With 15 years of data to support this conclusion, here are some observations: certain brand smokers scrunch and toss their packages far more […]

Part of So Much More

On a cool winter morning last week, as I was getting dressed for work, my grandmother’s locket presented itself from the dresser drawer where I keep it nestled in a small cardboard box. It’s a round silver locket, about the size of a quarter. My grandmother, Amy Dean Davis, had her initials elegantly engraved on […]

Gaining a New VAN-tage point

At long last, the grieving period for my 15-year-old, 235,000-mile-strong red van is over. This August she died while attempting to haul our youngest son and the contents of his college house back to campus. That van’s final act of kindness may have been that I was not the driver on her last voyage. To […]


We are influenced by so many things- some subtle, and some not. Clouds wafting across a pinkish sky can calm us and bring our thoughts to a safe resting place. A song on the radio may bring a smile, as we fade back to another time in our lives. A news report may jog our […]

Politics and Poetry?

My earliest childhood memories center around the ocean. We lived in Jacksonville, on the naval base, and it was just a block from the beach. At four years old I marveled at the sounds, smells, and salt-water taste of this playful haven. Giant conch shells routinely beached themselves along the shoreline. As I put this […]

Little by Little

For some unknown reason, I use, overuse and yet continue to repeat the pattern of saying two words – “cute” and “little.” Reminiscent of the valley girls who like, are so, like cool, I insert these two words early and often. My husband has been pointing it out to me for years. I wonder if […]

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