Like Stone Nestles on Stone

I read a poem today and felt inspired! It’s funny how words can grab hold of you. They squirm and wrestle around and finally find a resting spot. A spot of understanding. I like to find that spot and sit with it – just for a minute or two and then walk away.

The author of this poem is David Whyte. He wrote it mirrored with two titles; To Break a Promise and To Make a Promise:

Make a place of prayer, no fuss

Just lean into the white brilliance

and say what you needed to say

all along, nothing too much, words

as simple as yours and as heard

as the birdsong above your head

or the river running gently beside you.

Let your word join

one to another

the way stones nestle on stones,

the way water just leaves

and goes to the sea,

the way your promise

breathes and belongs

with every other promise

the world has ever made.

Now, let them go on,

leave your words

to carry their own life,

without you, let the promise

go with the river.

Have faith. Walk



Amy enjoys using poetic language to capture the essence of the ordinary. Her work has been published in Word-Dancers: The Poets of Southwest Florida and Florida Weekly.

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  • Kathy
    October 25, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Very nice!

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