Multi-tasking – A Hard Habit to Break!


A little over a year ago I posted about a trip to the spa.   After that relaxing day I promised myself that I would do some kind, self-care ‘thing’ on a regular basis – maybe once a month. Well that hasn’t happened. I find it hard to plan ahead and block out time for such activities.  No real reason, I just don’t do it.  I have plenty of fun in my life so it’s not a problem but I do love a good massage and pedicure!

Last Christmas my mother and I both received gift certificates to a nice local spa from our husbands and we finally set aside a day to take the plunge and enjoy some time for ourselves.  The night before our day out I had a stern talk with myself  about my goals for the day – relax, enjoy, turn off the noisy mind.  I gave myself strict orders to chill out, no checking of work emails before going, no setting up errands to run on the way there or back, take it slow and easy, no multi-tasking!

I woke up early, had plenty of time to get ready.  Things started off well with a leisurely shower during which I decided to shave my legs so as not to subject massage therapists and pedicure providers to stubbly legs.  Leg shaving is soooooo boring but it must be done.   Very quickly, my mind began to wander off to topics I had sworn off for the day – NO THINKING ALLOWED.  Looking around for a distraction I noticed a second, perfectly good razor within arm’s reach … a brilliant idea occurred to me. Shaving with two razors at once is not multi-tasking is it? I certainly think this is self-care related and could even be good for establishing a few new neural pathways in the brain as I’ve read may happen when one shakes things up by writing with a non-dominant hand or taking alternate routes to common destinations.  I’m thinking this is win-win!

Well I have to say, double-handed shaving worked like a charm – smooth legs in half the time and a laugh-out-loud-at-myself moment!  After that great start it was a wonderful, relaxing day and as a bonus I got to share it with my Mom – and that’s multi-tasking I can appreciate.



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  • Mary Allen
    July 11, 2016 at 12:43 am

    It was a wonderful. Thanks for making the day together happen. Lov

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