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Puppy-Love Lessons

Learned behavior usually has me moving fast, task to task, thinking three moves ahead of the spot I’m in. This works for me though admittedly it is a bit exhausting and really, is this absolutely necessary? Over the last 4 months there’s been a change in our home that has caused a major slow-down. A […]

Last Hurrah for the Flora

It’s late October and the southwestern Ohio days are noticeably shorter and the temperatures cooler. This year, but not every, I’m still bringing in bouquets of cut flowers. The yield is not quite as abundant as last month but the color is just as vibrant. Do I appreciate these last bundles more than those collected in […]

Not So Square

Gathered in the old VFW hall were people of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and ages (well, mostly our age or older, dear readers!)  The wooden floor of the hall, reminiscent of a 1950s school cafeteria, was about to be transformed into a platform of rhythm, movements, and  joy.  The joy manifests as you rediscover […]


We are influenced by so many things- some subtle, and some not. Clouds wafting across a pinkish sky can calm us and bring our thoughts to a safe resting place. A song on the radio may bring a smile, as we fade back to another time in our lives. A news report may jog our […]

Firsts after Fifty-Five

By age 55 we have done a lot…for a loooong time! This is good. We’ve read and studied, married and raised kids, worked for decades, we know what we like and what we’re good at. ‘Stick-to-it-iveness’ runs strong through our generation. This characteristic is part of what makes great parents and spouses, successful entrepreneurs and […]