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Puppy-Love Lessons

Learned behavior usually has me moving fast, task to task, thinking three moves ahead of the spot I’m in. This works for me though admittedly it is a bit exhausting and really, is this absolutely necessary? Over the last 4 months there’s been a change in our home that has caused a major slow-down. A […]

Essential on Memorial Day

“Draw a sheep.” “I can’t draw a sheep.” “Here is mine. It’s a crate with 3 holes on the side. That way the sheep is whatever you image it to be.”  – The Little Prince. I first learned about The Little Prince when I was in high school. In French Class my teacher handed out a […]

Unexpected Guest

Awareness of small things can bring bigger understandings. I discovered this recently from an unexpected guest. Flying into Oregon from as far away as Florida, presents many differences. From palm trees to majestic pines, I prepared myself for intrigue. Yet, as I arrived with the excitement of my daughter’s wedding, I was greeted with something familiar- […]