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Oh The Places We Go!

  Last week I biked and hiked along Vail Mountain Pass, windsurfed on a Florida ocean inlet, pub crawled in Ireland, and ate fresh lobster bayside in a small town in Maine.  One day, we rode horses on a Montana wilderness trail.  Oh, I put in a full work week too.  Money and time are […]

Fall with the Moon, Rise with the Sun

Living by the rise of the sun and  sleeping by the glow of the moon. That is a peace like no other. The place- Pineda de Mar, Spain     The time- July, 1979 As I glanced out the window at the rocky barren mountains yielding themselves to the lapping waves of the sea, my […]

Unexpected Guest

Awareness of small things can bring bigger understandings. I discovered this recently from an unexpected guest. Flying into Oregon from as far away as Florida, presents many differences. From palm trees to majestic pines, I prepared myself for intrigue. Yet, as I arrived with the excitement of my daughter’s wedding, I was greeted with something familiar- […]