The Gold in the Middle

imageI love this picture, but not only for the reasons you may think. Who doesn’t love a rainbow with all its spectrum of hues, not to be outdone by the good karma and charming lore? How fortunate to capture this view of a complete rainbow, including its beginning and end. There’s even a hint through the camera’s lens to let the viewer know there was a fainter, second rainbow echoing the first. A beautiful impression by anyone’s judgement.

My son took this shot with his cell phone while looking out of his Portland, Oregon apartment window. The rain had been plentiful the previous week or more, making the brightness of this rainbow well deserved. Cliff’s fiancée Erica told me she felt like the rainbow was perfectly framed for them, almost like a view for their eyes alone. Just moments before they had been discussing their hopes for a rainbow.

What a colorful, artistic photo, full of imagery, hope and even fantasy. But the real beauty to me is that I am sharing my son’s view every time I look at this picture. It makes me feel closer to him somehow. Like the mom who cradles a soft baby blanket momento up to her face to embrace the tender memories it holds, I find myself gazing at this picture and imagining I’m standing precisely where my son is. That is a powerful connection for me. One that makes the gold in the middle even more valuable than that in the pot at the end of the rainbow.



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