The Pareto Principle in action

IMAG00165I’ve heard that perfection is the enemy of good – a quick Google search takes me to a wide array of thoughts on this topic. Confucius and other great philosophers warn against extremism and offer us the ‘golden mean’. More current thinkers from Pareto with his wonderful 80/20 rule, Watson-Watt and his cult of the imperfect, to Dan Sullivan of The Strategic Coach and his mind-freeing tool, “The 80% solution”, show us the way out – an escape from the trap of perfection.

I want to write – just a little thing to start, not a best-selling novel or great self-help treatise – at least not as my first effort – just a blog post. Perfectionism, and the safety of this warm and cozy trap, have successfully held me back until today. This short post is my first tentative machete swipe at the deep, clinging underbrush blocking my way out. So now, before I think too much or pause too long….I’m clicking the send button. See you in the wide open, bright light of “the good try”!



55 and Change blogger, Laura, is loving life! She embraces the freedom that this age and stage allows. She is married to Paul, a very loving, supportive (and patient!) man and they have a large, close-knit family, most of whom live nearby. She is a daughter, a sister and aunt, a mother of two wonderful children and grandmother of two adorable little sweethearts. She loves to work hard in a business about which she is very passionate. Blogging is a pursuit that stretches her out her comfort zone and satisfies a long neglected creative urge.

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  • Amy
    March 24, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Machete swipe indeed!! You did it! Like a fairy dusting for kindred spirits everywhere- you just started something!

  • Helen
    March 24, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Very nice. And at least you figured out how to post, something I have yet to do! Woohoo.

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