When Normal is So Much Better than Average

I’ve spent my entire adult life celebrating and embracing being a little different than normal. I hear the off beat of a different drummer, and have grown to love that sound.

But recently I rejoiced upon receiving a letter declaring me normal. And, yes, the word “normal” was actually bolded in print, not just in my mind’s eye. The first line of the letter says it all:

We are pleased to inform you that the results of your recent mammogram are normal.

I am not one who typically worries about health test results, but as a 21 year survivor (woot, woot!) of breast cancer, I am always a teeny tiny bit more attentive to the mammogram results. I spend a few minutes – promise not more than five – thinking what I would do if the cancer returns. And this year was different still because my oldest sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer and begins radiation treatment next week. Deep breaths.  Rest easy. I am confident that she too will enjoy the special comfort afforded her when she is declared normal on her follow up mammograms. To my other two sisters, you are definitely not normal – but your mammograms are!!!

My sincerest wish for all readers: May you all be normal.



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